Take control of your website with GridDisk.

We make it easy to take file and database backups from your website, keeping your data safe.

File Backups

If you have FTP details, we can download a copy of your files.
If you don't, we can try to crawl your site for all files.

Database Backups

Enter your database credentials and we'll grab an SQL dump.
Don't worry about messing up your database any more.

Email Backup

Archive a copy of your emails, never losing a copy again.
We use IMAP to download a copy of all your emails.

Full cPanel Backup

We're excited about this one!
Enter cPanel credentials and take a complete backup.


Download a copy of all the data straight from us, at any time.
We organise things into a sensible easy to use zip.

... or Restore

Reupload your files, databases and emails and restore!
Or enter new details and upload to a new location.

Total Security

GridDisk is run by some of the most trusted names in UK Hosting.
Your data security is our main concern and we haven't cut any corners.

Excited? We are too!

We're currently in the final stages of development.
Let us know your details and we'll send you a BETA invite.

You can also follow us on twitter.